Who are we?

Lymm Ladies Circle is for all young women living in or around Lymm. We’re a group of girls who want to have some fun, socialising, fundraising and much more. We are a varied group and anyone is welcome. Some girls have been in Lymm all of their life, where as others are new to the village. Some have kids and families, others are young, free and single. We have people working in all fields including teaching, medicine, technology, HR, law, engineering, beauty therapy, property and media.

Lymm Ladies in Llandudno
Lymm Ladies in Llandudno

Officially we’re meant to be aged between 18 and 45, but we’re relaxed about the age rule and won’t throw you out on your birthday! If you fit in well with the group then it doesn’t matter if you’re a little older. Come along, meet us and decide for yourself if this is the right group for you.

What do we get up to?
The main focus for Lymm Ladies Circle is fun and friendship. Whatever we do, we have fun doing it.

We get involved with all sorts of activities including wine tasting, BBQs, canoeing, bowling, the races, karting, theatre trips and nights out. We’ll do anything that gives us a chance to go out, have a laugh and hopefully the odd glass of wine!

Lymm Ladies go Curling!
Lymm Ladies go Curling!

Events that involve eating and drinking always seem to go down well – a recent success was our Come Dine With Me competition, where groups of Lymm Ladies competed to produce the best dinner party.

We also enjoy raising money for local and national charities and community organisations. You can find out more on the fundraising page.

What is Ladies Circle?
Yes, we know the name Ladies Circle is old fashioned and sounds a bit like a pseudonym for the WI. It’s not. We are a young, modern organisation more used to wine-drinking and partying, than jam-making and sewing.

National Ladies Circle Logo
National Ladies Circle Logo

The National Association of Ladies Circles (NALC) was set up in the 1930s by the wives and girlfriends of Round Table aiming to achieve similar goals to the men, with the slogan “Fun, Friendship and Fundraising”. Although the association has a long heritage, the group has aimed to stay relevant for young women today.

Lymm Ladies Circle was first chartered in September 1965 by the wives of Lymm Round Table. Unfortunately in 2004, the group was forced to close due to declining membership, but the Round Table in the village continued to flourish. In spring 2009, Lesley Campbell encouraged some of her fellow wives and girlfriends of the Round Table to re-open the Ladies Circle in Lymm and the group was re-chartered in the autumn. Since then, the group has grown to be one of the largest and liveliest Ladies Circles in the country.

Like most Ladies Circles, we retain links to Lymm Round Table, and 41 Club Active (like table but for over 40s) but are open to all and we welcome girls who are single or have no connection to Table. At the moment, probably just over half of our members have partners in Round Table or 41 Club Active. We often find that husbands and boyfriends of Lymm Ladies want to join Table or 41 Club Active when they see their partners having so much fun and making new friends!

Lymm Ladies Circle is in Area 39 of Ladies Circle GB&I, which is part of Ladies Circle International.